So Much More Than Tomatoes


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Tomato Sowing

I start thinking about tomatoes months before I will be able to sink my teeth into their deliciousness. This year my first tomato seeds were sown in the second week of January. This year I planted many, many seeds. Some varieties are brand new to me, others are being given a second chance, while still others are in my “favorite” category. What I hadn’t planned on was the additional tomatoes I would receive from other gardeners – other people’s favorites. Continue reading

A Little Here, A Little There


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We have been slowly but surely hacking away at the grass. Since the above picture was taken we have cleared the grass clumps up to edge of the lawn that will remain intact. There is about a third to go. Once all the grass is out, we will have to tackle the irrigation system, level everything, lay down landscaping cloth, and then move the raised beds. Still so much to do! I was trying to get all the grass removed before the arrival of our two storm systems, but didn’t make it. So now we will have to wait for the grass to dry a bit again. I am hoping to get my first summer planting done in March, so we have to move quickly. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure


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Edith Mary Manly - born 12-14-1866 - Australia (18 yrs old)

My great, great-grandmother Walton, 1884.

This is a photograph of my great, great-grandmother when she was 18 years old. It was taken in 1884, one hundred and thirty years ago. So, I obviously can’t claim credit for it. I am just its keeper. My daughter’s name comes from this woman who I only know from this photograph.

I have a book full of these sorts of sepia toned, and then black and white, photos of my family. My grandmother, my mom’s mother, left them to me. Continue reading

One Step at a Time


It is raining right now as I write. I laugh. The earth in these parts is parched. This is good. But, I laugh because I just finished doing the first turning up of the lawn that I am removing. The idea was to dig it up and then let it sit for a few days to dry. Yes, dry. It has been nothing but dry the last several months. I am not complaining. We need a lot more of this. Rain.

Continue reading

There Goes the Lawn


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I have always secretly, or not so secretly, wanted to do away with the lawn in our backyard. This is not to say I have not enjoyed it over the years. It has served as a good picnic location, a runway for leaping over sprinklers, and as a soft place to land while practicing cartwheels. But, alas, it is so hard to justify in Southern California’s semi-arid climate. Now, with the a severe drought looming, it seems almost absurd.

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