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Tomato Sowing

I start thinking about tomatoes months before I will be able to sink my teeth into their deliciousness. This year my first tomato seeds were sown in the second week of January. This year I planted many, many seeds. Some varieties are brand new to me, others are being given a second chance, while still others are in my “favorite” category. What I hadn’t planned on was the additional tomatoes I would receive from other gardeners – other people’s favorites. But, this is what is so great about tomatoes (and so many other garden veggies) is that there are so many varieties.

This year I have planted:

Amana Orange

Black Krim

Cabin PL- sent to me by JimmyCrackedCorn

Clear Pink Early

German Lunchbox

German Queen

Green Grape*

Green Sausage

Green Zebra*

Indigo Rose*

Mamie Brown’s Pink

San Marzano

Speckled Roman*

TM 165

*Indicates a favorite


In addition I was given these:



Mini Bell

Black Cherry

One I can’t remember the name of.

Now that I have them all listed out, I think I may have gone a little overboard. Maybe just a little. I am scrounging around looking for places to plant all these, at least one of each variety. I have already started giving some away. These are the left overs.


I could start my very own little backyard nursery. But, I won’t. Now it’s plants, and in a few months I will have an overwhelming amount of tomatoes to part with. And that is one of my very favorite things about gardening and gardening culture: sharing.