It is raining right now as I write. I laugh. The earth in these parts is parched. This is good. But, I laugh because I just finished doing the first turning up of the lawn that I am removing. The idea was to dig it up and then let it sit for a few days to dry. Yes, dry. It has been nothing but dry the last several months. I am not complaining. We need a lot more of this. Rain.


This will just give me a few extra days of rest before embarking on the next step: shaking all the dirt free from the root mats. This is going to be an arduous process. I started to do it this morning, but gave it up for more digging, if that says anything about how fun it is….


On the bright side, I did get the rest of the lawn that is going to be removed dug up. Step on, done! You might be noticing that there is still some lawn in the back. Yep. We are keeping that for now. One step at a time, right?

The deeper I get into this project the more possibilities I see. Thanks for cheering me on!