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It is that time of year when the garden just sort of hums along, needing only for me to water and do light weeding. The first round of soup beans have been pulled up and the second round planted. The cucumber vines have just about reached their end. The zucchini slowed down, but is now making a come back. The peppers are coming on strong. And the tomatoes, oh the tomatoes. I am in the middle of a sea of tomatoes. And I am in the kitchen. A lot.

Making tomato sauce.


And pizza sauce. IMG_2650

Roasting and drying. IMG_2613


And shelling. IMG_2618

Baking and freezing zucchini bread (not pictured).

There is still more tomato sauce in my future and well as (hopefully) pickled peppers, pepper jelly, and maybe even some ketchup. How are you putting up summer?