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I feel like I have ventured into new gardening territory, a land where things grow big, really, really big. The plot at the community garden is literally bursting at the seams.  The bean vines are all tangled up with the squash vine, which is all tangled up with the cucumbers that are growing into the zucchini. Seriously. Some things are so big they have far surpassed any spacing suggestions that would have kept them out of the way of other plants.


And I haven’t even gotten to the tomatoes, which have grown so big it is impossible to get to the plants in the back row. Not sure what we will do when we can see red way back in the thickets of vines.

I have to laugh because it is such a wonderful mess. I have to be extra careful when harvesting. This is the kind of garden where things can easily get away from you, buried in layers of leaves, only to be discovered after they have reached mammoth proportions.



As I walk to our plot, I pass by beautiful gardens so well organized, and I think to myself, one day. One day I might have time to put that much forethought into it, that much planning and upkeep. But for now I am just giddy with the mess and a little overwhelmed at the prospect of thousands of tomatoes.


The fall will be different I say to myself. Now I know. But deep down I know I am just  fooling myself. It will just be peas over running the cabbage which will be clobbering the spinach….