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As I sit down to write this post, my eyes dart up at the time. I have exactly 20 minutes left. Exactly 2 hours and 20 minutes ago I left my two children with a trusted babysitter. In exactly 19 minutes I have to pack up and drive home. Today is the first day of “my time,” as I have it marked in my calendar, a few hours one morning a week, every week until the end of August. This was a deliberate creation, something I needed, time to be something other than “mommy.” Time for me to get immersed in my other selves: gardener, blogger, someone who would enjoy a massage or a quiet walk all on her own. I did contemplate getting the car washed, but then decided that falls into the same category as grocery shopping and other such errands, not things that were intended for these three precious hours.

So, on this morning, I decided to dedicate some time to the plot in the community garden. I really enjoy being in the dirt, and more so when I don’t have to keep one ear and one eye on the kids. And while I love sharing my love of gardening with my kids, I also really love doing it on my own (or in the company of other gardeners if the case may be).


The call of summer is getting louder, and things still needed to be planted. So off I went with my seeds and seedlings to finish up planting the plot. While there I weeded, turned soil, harvested, sowed, planted, and watered. All the while chatting on and off with my gardening neighbors. I wanted to make sure I had time to sit down with a cappuccino and do some writing and web surfing before going home, so I forgot to take pictures. I needed both. Garden time and down time. I will have to go back and snap a few.


Being a stay at home mom is something I always dreamed about doing. Now I am doing it, but find one of the most challenging things about it is finding time for the other parts of me. Working had its own very difficult challenges, but I did get to be a teacher for several hours a day. A few hours a week will certainly not be like a full-time or even a part-time job, but they are my hours. Some weeks I may just take a book to a coffee shop, go for a walk or hike on our local trails, or buy a new pair of shoes. But, I suspect I will spend many of those morning, or parts of them, in the garden. I don’t think I can resist.