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Okay, I never intended to just drop out of sight, without a peep, a word, a warning. I didn’t see it coming. I could blame my daughter’s 5th birthday, visitors, the lead up to Christmas, lots of things. The first week I disappeared, I was busy decorating my daughter’s birthday cake on the day that I usually write. She has fallen in love with the movie “My Neighbor Totoro” and had a showing of the film for her party. I never would have agreed to a movie themed birthday party, but this film is especially lovely. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. Here is the cake I made, an accomplishment I am quite proud of.

Totoro Cake

After the birthday party was over, I looked up and realized I had just a few short weeks to get organized for Christmas. In some ways I am lucky that the garden has slowed down to a snail’s pace. I haven’t had to water it in weeks and I just go out and check that it is still there every few days, do some weeding, and try to figure out what is nibbling on the Brassicas.

The garden may be slow, but I will be here. My son’s birthday isn’t until March, so I don’t expect to be distracted by another cake decorating extravaganza until then.

Hope your holiday season was joyful. Happy New Year!