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This is the time of year the garden seems to motor along all on its own. Keep it mulched and watered and wait. That is, until you notice (or learn) the unexpected.

Like this zucchini that I didn’t notice until I took this picture. I am always looking for them on the ground, hidden under leaves, not standing straight up.

Or, this squash vine that is putting on an acorn variety. My guess is that this is from a seed placed in the soil last year that didn’t germinate for whatever reason.

Then, Christina, from A Thinking Stomach, took a stroll through my garden. She imparted some crucial information about determining melon ripeness that reminded me how much I still have to learn!

1. You know your watermelons are ripening when the very next nodule in from the fruit is dry and brown (like the one below).

2. Cantaloupe will pull away from the stem when they are ready. This one is not ready yet, but should be soon.

Maybe most exciting, a few of my peppers I started from seed, that hadn’t grown a centimeter in over a month, have all of a sudden started to stretch upward and outward. There is hope for them yet.

And then, one evening, a couple of days ago, I watched H mimic what I have been doing for months, emptying his water table by bucket into the garden beds. The little ones are so observant. I am so glad he is taking after his mama.

Any surprises in your garden? Please, leave a comment and share.