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I have heard of that thing called a gardening journal, but never even pretended that I would keep one. That is, until now. I am not good with remembering to keep up with details, dates planted, variety, where, outcome, etc. But now, that I am paying more attention, I am wishing I had started one in March.

I have to do things like this in baby steps, first locating an unused (or partially used) notebook and a pen and finding a special spot for them to reside. This could take days as I get caught up in the daily goings on of taking care of my 16 month and 4 year old. I should just get up and do it right now because in a moment I will forget.

But, I am paying attention and want to take note of what worked well and what didn’t. I started many seeds very early this year, sometime in March. While all the tomatoes have done well, I have noticed a difference in the first and second plantings of my cucumbers and eggplant. I also had the crop of Calypso beans that didn’t do too well. I suspect I planted too early, but when exactly did I plant them? Hmmmm…. And, when did I start the second round of cucumber and eggplant seeds? Was it April or May? I wish I could remember.

This is a cucumber I started in March and transplanted. I have harvested two cucumbers, but they were very bitter. I have a feeling the next two will be as well.

These are the cucumbers I direct seeded later in the spring. Granted this is a completely different bed. The soil could be better. The conditions are different, so it is hard to make a direct comparison.

Later planting of eggplant versus the earlier planting below.

Okay, I am going for that pen and notebook right now.

Do you keep a garden journal? What kinds of things do you take note of? Do you have a special way to organize it, or do you just take notes chronologically? I would love to hear any and all advice about keeping a garden journal.