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Pulling up garlic may be my favorite task in the garden. Maybe, it is because garlic takes time, a lot of time. I plant the cloves in late October and harvest does not come until the end of May. Maybe, it is because it smells so good, the stalks and bulbs letting go of a bit of their essence as they are tugged and yanked from the ground. Maybe, it is because I know the harvest will last us most of the following year. Pulling up those bulbs is so incredibly gratifying. 

This is the garlic about six weeks ago, before I started to let it dry out.

The harvest last year, due to being pregnant, then caring for a newborn, was very poor. Most of the bulbs were very small. They rarely got watered and I never got around to laying the soaker hose. I had lost track of what variety I had been planting, so I decided it was time to start anew.

I harvested about 40 bulbs, 20 each of Lorz Italian and Ichelium Red.

After the bed was clear, I sad down on the edge and spotted two tiny praying mantis babies. One is pictured here.

Curing under the oak tree.

Enjoying the vacant bed (still smelling of garlic).