My husband has told me, on more than one occasion, that he didn’t eat Swiss chard before he met me. And, frankly, I didn’t eat it much before I started growing it in my garden. Now, it is one of our favorite vegetables and holds the number one spot among the greens. A beautiful plant with vibrant green leaves against white, yellow, red, or orange stems and veins; they are a wonderful addition to any garden. I sow the seeds directly into the soil in the fall. My plants usually last at least a year before bolting, providing us many opportunities to add it to our dinner plates.

Our favorite Swiss chard dish, Chard Tofu Wraps, is one I put together after trying out a few other recipes. My daughter has been eating them since she was a toddler, and her caregivers at said time stood drop jawed the first time she brought one to school for lunch and ate every last bite. Now four years old, while claiming she does not like them, she still manages to eat one in its entirety when it is placed before her.

Chard Tofu Wraps

2 bunches Swiss chard, stems removed, chopped

1 lb tofu, drained, pressed, and cubed

¼ c golden raisins

Handful toasted pine nuts

1 Tbs Olive Oil

Grated cheddar or jack cheese, to taste


Heat the oven to 250° F. In a large pot, boil several cups of water. Place the raisins in a bowl and cover with warm water (about 20 minutes). Remove stems from chard and chop. Place the chard in the boiling water and boil for about two minutes and then drain. Refresh and cool the chard with cold water. Squeeze chard to get out as much water as possible and set aside. Heat the oil a frying pan and add the tofu and raisins (drained of the water). Sauté for about 5 minutes.  Add the chard and pine nuts and continue cooking until warm. If your pine nuts are not already toasted, toast them first in a small skillet, no oil. Lay tortillas flat on a baking sheet. Place chard/tofu mixture on top of the tortillas and sprinkle with cheese. Place in the oven until the cheese is melted. Remove and close the tortillas like a burrito. You’re done!